January 2017 Printable Calendar with Holidays

January 2017 Printable Calendar – It is the month starts with the New Year which brings you a lot of hopes and happiness. This is the month we initiate with the great resolutions for all the year. It is the month that strikes with the average of a cold month of the year. It is a Latin word from the word “door.” Yes, one must know that the month January is the door of the year. And it is also remembered that one of the months that starts and ends with many holidays as per the festive seasons.

The month has totally 31 days to survive with full of beautiful festive seasons. It is also considered as the most positive month to bring on for the year. According to the Western culture and the Indian culture, the days have its different seasons except for the New Year.

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Also, the people sets for various beliefs especially when only come to the month January. We said earlier that the month starts in the New Year. It is the first month to enter the year, where the people during gets belief with wholesome positive for years of the long period.

January 2017 Holidays

This month has many days of holidays to celebrate for various reasons. The festive seasons differ from various cultures across the world. Yes, when comes to India, there are a number of holidays available for the people which are allotted by the government. The government holidays for the 1st month January are –

Date Weekday Holiday name Holiday type  Observed
Jan 1 Sunday Last Day of Chanukah Jewish holiday
Jan 1 Sunday New Year’s Day Federal Holiday
Jan 2 Monday New Year’s Day observed Federal Holiday
Jan 6 Friday Epiphany Christian
Jan 7 Saturday Orthodox Christmas Day Orthodox
Jan 13 Friday Lee Jackson Day State holiday Virginia
Jan 13 Friday Stephen Foster Memorial Day Observance
Jan 14 Saturday Orthodox New Year Orthodox
Jan 16 Monday Martin Luther King Day Federal Holiday
Jan 16 Monday Robert E Lee’s Birthday State holiday Alabama, Arkansas
Jan 16 Monday State Holiday State holiday Mississippi
Jan 16 Monday Idaho Human Rights Day State holiday Idaho
Jan 16 Monday Civil Rights Day State holiday Arizona, New Hampshire
Jan 19 Thursday Robert E Lee’s Birthday State holiday Florida
Jan 19 Thursday State Holiday State holiday Texas
Jan 20 Friday Inauguration Day State holiday DC, LA, MD, VA
Jan 28 Saturday Chinese New Year Observance
Jan 29 Sunday Kansas Day Observance

The above government holidays depends on only allotted by the central government. When comes to state government holidays, you may find many holidays for the month of January.

January 2017 Printable Calendar

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January 2017 Calendar January 2017 Printable Calendar

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The month of January is included in the calendar of Roman which was found by the Numa pompilius. It has happened almost before the year of 700 BC. It is the calendar which is equal to the lunar year of totally 355 days. Thus the month January becomes the first month of the year during 450 BC. But one must know that the March month is the first month when comes to the Roman calendar. However, the month consisted as a 30 days month. Also, it was added to the ten months calendar of the Roman.

Traditions and cultures

One must know that the traditions and the cultures across the globe have been mainly differing. Each and every country across the globe have their history of past. According to those histories, people still follows their ancient cultures and the traditions even till now in various countries. When comes to the calendar like Romans and Jewish the January month differs once in the past.

On the whole, now we are celebrating and follow the same rules across the globe for the past many decades. The positive sign of month will glorify the next months as well with the strong belief by the people.

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