Calendar 2017 Free August Template with Holidays

Calendar 2017 : Free August Template with Holidays – Goodbye, July! Hello, August! Let’s say goodbye to the July and say hello to August! As the hot days of July have passed it means that we have endured half of the summer and long days of summer are about to end. August, which is the eighth month of the year, will still bring you weather which is perfect for you to have some fun outside, do some outdoor activities, and enjoy the summer breeze.

With this perfect calendar 2017 template, you can plan and schedule your fun activities that you’re about to do in August. Whether it’s swimming at the beach, eating ice cream, or spending some quality time with your family, this printable calendar template will help you manage your summer days wisely. You can get a lot of cool free August 2017 calendar templates here.

Just choose one that suits you best and download it away! August 2017 will be more exciting if you have already known what plans that wait ahead of you and one way to keep them is using this. 

Free Calendar 2017 Printable

August is the perfect month for summer vacation. There’s a lot of holidays that are observed and celebrated this month. Do you know that August 1st is National Girlfriend Day? You can celebrate this day with your significant other. Do you want to find out other holidays in August 2017?

By using this Free Calendar 2017 Printable, you will never miss any holidays and you can always celebrate them with your loved ones. You can also plan your holidays and vacation together in August 2017. Planning your holiday is important to ensure you have an unforgettable summer vacation in August 2017.

Date Weekdays Name of Holiday Type of Holiday Observed
Aug 1 Tuesday Tisha B’Av Jewish holiday
Aug 1 Tuesday Colorado Day Local observance Colorado
Aug 4 Friday Coast Guard Birthday Observance
Aug 7 Monday RakshaBandhan Hindu Holiday
Aug 7 Monday Purple Heart Day Observance
Aug 14 Monday Janmashtami Hindu Holiday
Aug 14 Monday Victory Day State holiday Rhode Island
Aug 15 Tuesday Assumption of Mary Christian
Aug 16 Wednesday Bennington Battle Day State holiday Vermont
Aug 18 Friday Statehood Day in Hawaii State holiday Hawaii
Aug 19 Saturday National Aviation Day Observance
Aug 21 Monday Senior Citizens Day Observance
Aug 24 Thursday Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu Holiday
Aug 26 Saturday Women’s Equality Day Observance
Aug 27 Sunday Lyndon Baines Johnson Day State holiday Texas

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Calendar 2017 Template

The birth flowers for people who born in August are gladiolus and poppy that symbolize love, marriage, and family. August 2017 becomes a great time to spend more time with your family and loved ones. You can travel aboard together, you can have barbecue outside with your neighbors and family, or you can watch movie together. August surely be a busy month for you and you absolutely need calendar 2017 template to mark important date and help you remember important dates in August 2017.

Using this Calendar 2017 template, you can schedule your time with your relatives and family. You can create new memories and cherish them if you have more time for your family and this calendar template definitely will help you.Printable calendar 2017 august Template

August Calendar 2017 Template

August 2017 is the Happiness Happens Month. This event is created by The Secret Society of Happy People. It is month full of happiness that you need to celebrate with your friends. You can share the good news with your friends and spread the joy.

August Calendar Template 2017 can help you plan your joyful events with your friends. Just pick the design that entices you—we have a lot of free calendar templates to choose—and then you can start writing down all your agenda this friend. With this amazing calendar template, you will never miss any important dates. Your August 2017 will be filled with happy and joyful memories.july and august 2017 calendaraugust 2017 printable calendars monday startaugust-2017-calendar-uk-june-july-august-2017
August 2017 calendar
august calendar 2017We bring the best August Calendar 2017 Template that you can use to plan and schedule your time more efficiently. We hope that you will have a great August 2017 with all great experiences that await you. The August 2017 Calendar Template is free to use and you can share this to your friends and family so they can also start planning their days. They’re also really simple to use and everybody can use it.

Please come back for more printable calendar templates. If you like the calendar template, please share it on Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest.hello august farewell to july august please be good


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