50+ Best Free Printable Birthday Cards for Her, Him, Boyfriend, and Mom

Printable Birthday Cards – Birthday is really a very special day which everyone keenly waits for. Sometimes we do miss or forget to get a present for a very special person on their birthday, but there is always a solution for every situation. If you forgot a present, don’t worry we have a quick solution for you. Often we are so packed up or with our schedule that we don’t get time for opting out the option of going a gift shop or even ordering gifts online may take some time. We have made available some amazing birthday printable cards for you.

Printable Birthday Card Template

Best Printable Birthday Cards

These quick and handy printable birthday cards are easy to share digitally as well, so even if you forget to get a printout, just send a digital copy of the card to that one special person on whose face you want to see a smile with your surprise.

If you creative enough and believe in sending a personalized birthday greeting card or wishes, the printable templates for birthday card is an incredible idea. These templates can be put together with the special collection of pictures or a momentous message.

Printable Birthday Cards Free Printable Birthday Card Printable Birthday Cards for Her

Printable Coloring Birthday Cards

Are you planning to give a colorful hand painted gift to your parents, friend or any other special person? These printable coloring birthday cards would be amazingly a perfect choice. Let them know what you feel, wish them a happy birthday with these cards.

Printable Coloring Birthday Cards

Printable Birthday Cards for Mom

We all love our mom, on this special day wish her with something different. Moms often tend to like simple and surprising gifts full of love, rather than some fancy stuff from a gift shop. We have handpicked awesome choices of printable birthday cards for mom.

Printable Birthday Cards for Mom

Printable Birthday Card Template

Sharing a message, sending personalized wishes or memorable picture simply is not that fascinating. You can always opt for a better and creative idea of using a birthday card template. We have best collection of these templates.

Printable Birthday Cards for Husband

Birthday Printable Cards for Her

Giving a birthday surprise to her will make her very happy. Here are recommended free printable birthday cards for her. Going one step further with your plans, along with all the gifts which you have already got just simply slip this one card as well.

Printable Birthday Greeting Cards

Printable Birthday Cards for Him

Send a customized greeting to your boyfriend, a person who often may look tough to you but you know that he will for sure like this amazing token of love. Simply choose one of the free printable birthday cards for him and surprise him.

Printable Birthday Cards for Wife

Printable Birthday Cards for Kids

Kids are always happy to get a cards and lots of gifts on their birthday. Send them your wishes, blessing or a lovely message with these free birthday printable cards for kids and the happiness on their cute little faces will leave you awestruck.

Free Printable Birthday Cards for Kids Printable Birthday Cards for Kids

Living far away from your loved ones and hence missing birthdays is not a new thing nowadays but don’t get upset, these printable will save you. Get a print and post it, send it as an email, WhatsApp message or even a personalized Facebook message would really be a smart and excellent idea. We will bring more such free content, do visit us again. You can also download the latest May 2017 Printable calendar from our website for free.  

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